The Breeder



My name is Jenna Tapiomaa, I'm the owner of Rubylocks kennel and americancockerspaniel breeder. I live in Tampere with my fiance Olli and my americancockerspaniels. 


We got our first americancockerspaniel when I was nineteen.
I (among my entire family) immediately fell in love with this heart melting breed. 
Soon after our family grew with second and third americancocker.

I also co-own dogs that don't live with us.


My hobbies are dog shows and of course grooming. 

I also try other activities (agility, nose work, dobo) with my dogs just for fun. 


I invest in educating myself and my dogs.

I try my best to learn more about dogs and breeding and try to collect information about them as much as possible with courses and latest studies. 

I'm proud member of Finnish Kennel Club, Sukoka Ry and Finnish American Cockerspaniel Club.